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7 TDV6 Diesel Only Order your Discovery 3 Manual Gearbox and Components - 2. Bottom line: To avoid transmission damage, you must consider several factors (including viscosity and formulation) when selecting your gear oil. First off, get the car parked on a level surface, then the first job is to drain the oil from the gearbox sump, below is the sump and the drain plug at the bottom. The transmission oil has been changed but there is no improvement. About 6 months ago I changed the gear box oil, ran it for a few hundred miles and changed gearbox filter and oil again. See more results. 0L Diesel, General Procedures).

· OK guys, now I have removed many gearboxes in my time, but the Disco 3 is a real b*gg** We have the Land Rover manual thanks to Bodsy (and be a full member) We have followed the manual more or less So the advice we need is about access to the very top bolts on the bell-housing and exhaust brackets. click here: In this video we drain the oil and remove the sump on our Land Rover Discovery 4 3. Everything good up to a week or so. In other words, seemingly identical cars may require different oil, depending on the presence of an optional LSD. 0L Petrol/TDV6 3. Dont forget whilst you are under there to slather the auto linkage/pivot in grease. gearbox oil change on my discovery td5 20. 0 V6 petrolRX1903 : RX1990.

6 V8 petrol with oil coolerRX1896 : RX1897 : 10w40 semi-synthetic 6. So many discovery 3 manual gearbox oil change people over look changing gearbox fluids when they do a service. What kind of oil to use in a series 3 Gearbox? 19 Check steering box for freeplay 4. Have looked in manual and cannot see the info. Once you are happy its drained enough, its just a case of refitting the drain plug with a new copper washer and getting on with the job of filling the box up.

API GL-5, SAE 75W90 semi-synthetic for manual gearbox: Differential drive, Rear drive, Front drive, Transfer discovery 3 manual gearbox oil change Case: 1. Quantity: 1 Piece. The gears can be made of a hardened steel, while the transmission’s synchronizers (AKA syncros) are often made of a softer metal, like brass. 7 TdVWhich oil should you use for your Land Rover Discovery 3 L319 Discovery 2. Welcome to the Britpart Workshop series, bought to you by the experts at Britpart & Land Rover Owner International. This is also where GL ratings come into play. In other words, a 80w-90 gear oil is much “thicker” than a 5w-30 engine oil. Connect TestBook to monitor gearbox fluid temperature.

Whilst changing the oil in my Land Rover Gearbox I noticed that the Main ‘box was low on oil but the Transfer ‘box was overfilled, why? gearbox, diff etc. Then I got wise and cut a 3 inch hole in the tray so no need to remove it for oil changes, makes an oil change a real fast easy job. 5litres for the Transfer ‘box. With this they have changed the specifications to a GL-4 lubricant with viscosity 75W80, although my Service Manual still prescribes that oil with a specification of ATF Dexron IID be used. Engine speed related (Changes in pitch when driving).

During 1998 they have changed the main gearbox lubricant to Texaco MTF 94. More Discovery 3 Manual Gearbox Oil Change videos. land-rover-discovery-3-manual-gearbox-oil-change 1/3 Downloaded from ehliyetsinavsorulari. 0 (56D: API GL-5, SAE 75W90 semi-synthetic for manual gearbox.

Grabber AT&39;s. . Changing the oil in your Land Rover Series 3 regularly is really important.

5 ATF spec oil There are other oils of a similar spec, but they are not &39;longlife&39; oil, so you should have it done very 20k or so if. GL-4 oils are typically found in most daily driven cars. You have the choice between various Gearbox oil LAND ROVER L319 Discovery III brand manufacturers or to buy another high quality car part. DIY or &39;whatever oil&39; the mechanic can find may damage you gearbox irretrievably (been there ). For instance, you might find different oil recommendations depending on whether the transaxle has a built-in limited-slip differential (LSD). Present in both high & low ratio.

With an older vehicle, especially a Land Rover its imperative that the transmission gets attention too. I was wanting to change the gearbox oil, now I am excellent guide. · I have a early discovery 2 td5 auto. 7 TdV? · 3. Though the role of the gear oil is the same, there are extra factors at play in a transaxle.

70 Discovery 3 - 4. 7 TDV6 Diesel Only ⛽ Fast, worldwide delivery British car experts ♚ PayPal & other payment options ⚑. Goes away when clutch pressed. Arctic Frost Discovery 3 TDV6 SE, Active Rear Diff, Adaptive Head Lights, Tow Pack, Ebony Leather, Roof Rails, Mantec Guard. .

Remove underbelly panel. Those ratings basically reflect the oil’s ability to function effectively given different driving conditions (read: pressure between meshing gear teeth). 15 Check front and rear axle oil level 4. The most common ones you’ll see are GL-4 and GL-5. Now that&39;s good news for Gearboxes, Diffs & Transfer Boxes. Here’s why: Manual transmissions are often made up of different metals. For starters, gear oil can come in much higher viscosity ratings. Land Rover Series 3 Gearbox Oil Change.

Discovery 3 & 4 auto gearbox oil and filter change recommendations. You will need to separate the gearboxes and replace this seal. CAUTION: The gearbox fluid level must only be checked when the temperature of the fluid is between 35° and 45°. What’s good for one metal may adversely affect the other—so companies had to develop formulations that offered the requisite lubrication, yet wouldn’t harm any of the transmission’s components. You can get a Megaflush done on the gearbox which would be about £260ish and this would change all of the fluid for new and is much quicker. · Have a funnel and contained at the ready. As the Series 3 Gearbox takes a thick gear oil, you may want to leave it to drain for a while. 5K at the dealer.

· To change all of the oil requires the following procedure: two large 20L buckets, one with 10L of oil, the other empty; hoses to the ATX oil cooler are removed and extended into the empty bucket; the engine is started for 1 second and the hose ejecting oil is left in the empty bucket whilst the now identified oil-intake hose is moved to the bucket containing fresh oil; the engine is restarted. 9/10 guys change the oil with whatever gearbox oil they like and seem to do 100000km&39;s without any ill effects. Side Steps back on until the next time. Or you may use the right oil at a low odo reading and stuff up the gearbox anyway. I am not sure when I should change the other oils - i. 21 Service ACE filter (If equipped). So lets take a look at changing the oil in your Series 3 Gearbox.

For additional information, refer to: Specifications (308-07B Transfer Case, Specifications) /. The box seems to be changing up through all the gears ok (. You can read more about transaxles and how they differ from transmissions here. It started off with shattering but now when I take off it appears that the transmission slips and goes into gear suddenly. 3 from dry (practically 2-2. Home made mud flaps. An oil change and new filter/pan combo will probably cost about 0 to ,200 at an independent and from 2K to 2.

0 TDV6 automatic gearbox ready for a filter change. 16 Change transmission fluid 4. 5 Td5 4x4 139 HP Gearbox oil and transmission oil easily at AUTODOC Fast delivery and low prices Discover now for yourself Info: LAND ROVER Discovery II (L318) 2. Meets or exceeds the following specifications: API GL4/GL5 ZF TE-ML 02/05. I was thinking that it may be the converter.

Can you drain a series 3 Gearbox? Can I change the oil in my Land Rover gearbox? It will spell out exactly what oil you should use, complete with viscosity and GL values specific to your vehicle. Best-selling products: Transmission fluid for LAND ROVER Discovery 3 (L319) vehicles Best selling replacement part: Gearbox oil and transmission oil LAND ROVER Discovery III. I say half way, as to change the plastic filter/pan and oil, the engine/tranny has to be lifted a bit and this is a showstopper for some. while GL-5 oils are often reserved for high-stress, high performance applications like trucks. · LT77 – Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) LT230 – EP90.

The reading obtained will be incorrect if the fluid is outside this temperature range. But viscosity is only part of the equation. Land Rover Discovery 3 Manual Gearbox Oil Change Land Rover Discovery 3 Manual Gearbox Oil Change file : boys raised and dressed as girls kendriya vidyalaya questions paper pgtkawasaki brute force 650 4x4i atv service repair workshop manual download paper folding activity for kids user guides and manuals accessories keeway superlight. 8 liters: 1997: Dexron II, IID mineral for automatic transmissions: Gearbox, Manual: 2. Lucas SAE 80W/85W Transmission Oil is formulated with an exclusive additive system that surpasses or equals OEM grade oils and is used by. In any case, the only other oils I could find with similar specifications are:.

co on Novem by guest Kindle File Format Land Rover Discovery 3 Manual Gearbox Oil Change When people should go to the book stores, search initiation by shop, shelf by shelf, it is essentially problematic. 1 when changing) It&39;s relatively easy to reach and remove the breathers on both boxes. i know this is not mark&39;s aquatics, but thought i&39;d throw this out there in case any of you guys have one of these. Over the last few months it has developed a bearing noise, I guess from the GearBox, as follows: Noise present when sitting in neutral. 7 TDVRX1903: RX1990 : 5w30 semi-synthetic 5.

Suitable for the following Land Rover models: Defender, Discovery 1 & 2: Front and Rear Differentials and transfer gearbox. Having a problem with the automatic gear box. We are going to drain and refill the fluids in your Main ‘box and Transfer ‘box. 30 Discovery 3 - 2. Complete advice for all components, such as the engine, gearbox (transaxle), brake system, power steering system and cooling system. My DiscoveryTDI has done 126,000 miles - I am planning to service it - from previous posts I have info on servicing the engine. 17 Replace transmission fluid filter (One-time only) 4.

Just make sure that they use the Shell M1374. Watch how to use a fluid transfer pump. Every 5 years or 75,000 miles (120,000 km): Renew transfer case oil. The type of oil to use is EP90 gear oil and you’ll need around 1. discovery 3 manual gearbox oil change 7 l from dry on Discovery 1 no gearbox oil cooler (practically 2. See full list on onallcylinders.

UK Photo Gallery - ZF 6HP26 Automatic Transmission in LR3. Use in any applications requiring a 75W90 gear oil. 5litres for the Main ‘box and 2. -32% Automatic Transmission Oil. · Transmission Fluid Drain and Refill (307-01D Automatic Transmission/Transaxle - V8 5.

The best selling LAND ROVER DISCOVERY Gearbox oil discovery 3 manual gearbox oil change and transmission oil replacement parts are available for your in original quality from our Gearbox oil catagory.

Discovery 3 manual gearbox oil change

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